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Benijo’s Beach

Playa de Benijo is a PERPETUAL MOVING SHOW, it is the most isolated beach of the town of Taganana (El Roque de las Bodegas and Almáciga).

Cross the upland of Anaga, forget the warm beaches of the South and enjoy an immersion in the wildest and most rugged nature; slip under a tree-lined blanket reminiscent of Switzerland and continue to the coast where you will feel like you have entered another movie.

High cliffs overlooking the sea will bring you immediately to the memory of Irish coasts beaten by the wind and waves that go to immolate against lava pinnacles that rise from the sea to the sky for tens of meters!

No picture will ever fully render the show in front of your eyes !! If you love pure nature, you can’t  miss the Benijo’s beach!

You will enjoy a unique landscape on the Island, with fantastic views over Los Roques de Anaga. The sunsets are magical, especially when the surf of the sea joins the red of the horizon and the shapes of the volcanic rocks that rise from the bottom of the sea.

This beach of Playa de Benijo that is 300 m long and 30 m wide, will give you not only a wonderful panorama to be photographed, but also some really beautiful views on the Roque de Tierras and the Roque de Fuera, two of the most popular symbols of the island.


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