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Bollullo’s Beach

Bollullo’s Beach is a bit of the heart of the Golfo de La Orotava.

It is an enchanting and large bay surrounded by spectacular cliffs. The scenery is sublime, the water is pristine, the sand is soft; there is no better setting for a peaceful day on the beach.

Very precious for its uncontaminated features, as unreachable with motor vehicles from the ground, it is a rare naturalistic example with its landscape surrounded by deep green, with cliffs overlooking its clear sea.

The sand is as dark as the island beaches and all around lush banana plantations multiply the exotic appearance of the place. For those who don’t want to miss this natural beauty, remember that access to the beach is rather limited

You can walk to Puerto de la Cruz on a 45-minute walk or from El Bollullo’s Restaurant (in the El Rincón area) on a stepped path that does’t take a few minutes to get there.

(At the foot of the trail, don’t miss the chiringuito location of the film “Una hora mas en Canarias.” We advise you : don’t miss this opportunity.

Bollullo’s Beach is an ideal beach to detach from the chaos of the city and get close to nature. If you love to play with the waves and surf, you will have a lot of fun, because the waves here are quite strong all year . For this reason it is important to take all appropriate precautions when you taking a bath.

Surrounded by impressive cliffs, Bollulloìs Beach is a clean beach with a bar where fresh and simple food is prepared. Not far from here there is also the Los Patos’ beach, about 1 km long, very popular from nudists and windsurfers.


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