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Paraiso’s Beach

Las Galgas Playa Paraiso

Paraiso’s Beach

A tourist resort located on the Costa Adeje coast, Paraiso’s Beach is very close to Callao Salvaje, and is often confused between the two villages almost attached.

Focused on the service sector, mainly hotel, it has made it its main economic activity, so as to have large 4 and 5 star hotels, but above all stand out even from a distance, two large buildings.

They are the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife, the second Hard Rock in Europe, which, just for mere curiosity, many tourists go to visit or have dinner at the beautiful restaurant inside the structure.

In recent years, given the demand of many investors, it is expanding by building infrastructure such as shopping centers and fairly modern homes.

Don’t miss a visit to the Puertito de Armeñime, a small bay with a small beach and a local restaurant.

For those who want to take a vacation, Paraiso’s Beach is suitable for the whole family and, for those who choose to live there will have the convenience of the means to move and bars, restaurants and shops close at hand.

Don’t underestimate the wind aspect: being quite sheltered and with the help of Teide creating a kind of barrier, it will be difficult to find a windy climate so you can go quietly sunbathing on the beach.

In addition there is a salt water pool, with an adjoining garden, called “El Lago” measuring 65 x 25 meters and has access to the public, and is located behind the cove of the Central Barranco, a few meters from the Ocean .

There is a small beach of volcanic origin called El Pinque, 20 meters wide by 50 meters in length, where there are not many services but it is very clean and crowded especially in summer because there is the possibility to stay close to campers .

The other, however, is called Las Galgas’s Beach, accessible from the existing pedestrian promenade and is semi-urban.



Diretta da Playa Paraso ! C’è anche il Lagoon Party !!!!


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Publicada por Tenerife Surprise en Sábado, 27 de octubre de 2018


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