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Patos’ Beach

Patos’s Beach is the top beach of nudism in the Canary Islands and it is located in the ever spectacular valley of La Orotava, which is the backdrop of the majestic Teide.

This beach is located in El Rincón, a protected area of two million square meters with banana plantations and three other quality beaches.

Although with difficult access, getting to its warm sand and enjoying the silence, the solitude, the majestic cliff and the view of the tourist resort of Puerto de la Cruz, deserve the effort.

If the sea has withdrawn, entering the water by touching, walking in the sand or splashing around in the pools that are created, they are worth a full trip on the island.

An important detail to take into consideration in general, and in particular on the beaches of this area (north coast), is to monitor the state of the sea when venture out to swim.

On this beach there is no lifeguard or any type of service (sunbeds, beach umbrellas, beach bars …) and usually, on the beaches of the north, the sea is in worse conditions than the south and has more currents, so you have to have extreme attention, don’t get too far and enter only if the sea is calm.


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