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Vistas’ Beach Tenerife

Vistas’ Beach Tenerife

The Vistas’ Beach in Tenerife South, is a 900 m long golden sand beach, located between the beaches of Los Cristianos and El Camisón and is one of the largest and most popular beaches in the area, because it is suitable for both young people and families .

The beach is easily recognizable because of its fountain (which shoots jets of water towards the sky) located right in the middle of the coast.

You should know that The Vistas’ Beach is an artificial beach, created with sand reclaimed from the sea floor of the area.

The services available to swimmers are excellent: sunbeds, beach umbrellas, showers, cabins, bathrooms in addition to the convenient access ramps to the beach for the handicapped.

Regarding this last point, we would like to underline that this is one of the 12 beaches of Tenerife equipped just for the disabled, with a lot of private parking, showers, ramps and access walkways.

This golden sandy beach located in the municipal area of Arona will amaze you. It is ideal for those looking for a quiet place to relax but also for those who loves water sports. The waves here are very quiet, there are breakwater barriers, but it is also the ideal place for families with children.

Access by car is very easy and all the necessary services are available on the beach. There are accesses for people with disabilities or reduced mobility.

The spectacular nature of the beach is even greater thanks to the presence of a small artificial Island on which a fountain sprays the sea water up to the sky, creating an image that makes it truly unique.

The beach of Las Vistas is flanked by a large avenue that connects it to the other nearby beaches. You can enjoy a walk on the sea and a wide range of shops and restaurants where you can taste the local gastronomy.


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