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At the table in Tenerife

a tavola a tenerife

At the table in Tenerife

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The table in Tenerife is one of the most important and economically  items related to the tourism business of the Island. The presence of refreshment points, bars, restaurants, pizzerias and guachinche well represent the universality and participation of the most celebrated international and local cuisines, with the most diverse culinary proposals!

The tables then propose meats, vegetables, fish and fruits and aromas from the most remote, or local, suitable to meet the needs of the most sensitive palates. The table in Tenerife always proposes one of the best and most appreciated products on the island (note by the writer!):

the potato, excellent in every quality, with white, yellow, red pasta etc. never betrays expectations, whatever the way to cook them, stewed, fried, roasted and boiled (with their peel in water and salt “arrugadas“) accompanied by the classic local sauces (mojos).

The local proposals are truly endless: from trendy and exotic sushi to spicy, refined and delicate Lebanese cuisine, from substantial and tasty Belgian cuisine that does not abandon its typically Nordic calories to the light but not less satisfying vegetarian cuisine, with its own characteristics of lightness.

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Italian cuisine

But the part of the lion on the table in Tenerife, good or bad, is always the Italian cuisine that, entrance of arrogance with its endless specialties, pasta, sauces, rice, pizza, focaccia, cakes and ice cream has galvanized the palates of English, Belgians, Swedes, Dutch, Russians, Spaniards and the same canaries who daily frequent the made in Italy kitchen.

The prerogatives of the tinerfeña kitchen instead sink their origins in the use, on the table in Tenerife, of the meats, in their many local varieties; lamb, goat, pork and chicken are the cornerstones of local dishes that see, together with the aforementioned and always present potatoes, a variety of really significant proposals ranging from stewed meat to the use of coals and grill. 
At this point we just have to invite those who are following us to a session with us At the Table in Tenerife



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