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Relax yourself in Tenerife


Relax yourself in Tenerife

Tenerife, by itself, is a relaxing island and, if you are looking for the tranquility of a simple walk, you can indulge yourself among unspoiled nature or beaches not visited by tourists.

If you really want to relax yourself in Tenerife, then you can not do a “mandatory step” for the Spa, the phrase salus per aquam in Latin means health through water or in general companies that work for the welfare and care of their own body.

You know, if you decide to go on an exploratory holiday in an unfamiliar place, you will want to see all the places in the shortest possible time and you start off almost as tired as you had left. We have the solution to make you switch off, whether it’s at the beginning, in the middle or towards the end of the trip to Tenerife, you just need to choose which Spa to go to.

You can choose among many proposals, such as for example a thermal path with sea water based on detoxifying and invigorating therapies, hydrotherapy treatments, mud facial treatments and massages, saunas and Turkish baths, foot baths etc.

Relax yourself in Tenerife has never been so easy. Below we propose a couple of proposals:

Proposal 1

Proposal 2

Don’t you think it’s a pleasure to be pampered, especially if you choose a couple’s massage, letting all negative thoughts go away?

In these health temples, you just have to let yourself go and get advice from industry professionals who will help you understand what the best treatment for your body could be, whether it’s for toning or just relaxing.

Come on, I know that we have convinced you to make a nice path … so take your swimsuit, slippers and a towel and join us, we are waiting for you !!

Relax yourself in Tenerife with us …




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