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Waiter! A Barraquito Please!

Don’t you know what the Barraquito is? It is a typical Canarian coffee that brings milk, coffee, cinnamon, liqueur, lemon … it is characterized by leaving visible the various color plans, which make it so exotic.

The origin of the popular canary cortado “EL BARRAQUITO”

The most famous “fairy tale” about the origin of the famous Barraquito takes us back to the mid-twentieth century when a gentleman entered the Imperial Bar and asked the waiter to prepare him what we now know as Barraquito.

This gentleman became a regular customer and, practically every day, as he entered from the Imperial’s door someone was already preparing to prepare the “cortado”, that is to say, an espresso with milk but with the addition of what made him famous and very good:  Liqueur 43 and a cinnamon stick.

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The nickname of this gentleman had become “Barraco” (not better identified as a translation so the drink was passed into history as a Barraquito.) Exquisite (ndr.) Today in all Canary Islands, but especially on the Tenerife’s Island, is the main product of the local café, a set of sweet with an irresistible flavor.

The recipe of Barraquito??!!!

Condensed milk

Whole milk


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Cinnamon stick

Lemon zest

A good dose of licor 43 or of Tia María

Usually in many places they give up the last three ingredients instead of serving the original recipe, which they call special Barraquito. There is another version that involves only the use of coffee and natural and condensed milk, but it is smaller than what is known as “milk and milk”. Undoubtedly this product has already passed into history to remain there.

The opportunity to enjoy this specialty can be found on average in all the bars/pubs or restaurants of the Island, and depending on the area you will find variations and ways to serve it different from each other.


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