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Conejo en salmorejo

Conejo en salmorejo

Conejo en salmorejo

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Conejo en salmorejo

A tasty stew, substantial and well-flavored flavor that can be enjoyed with a side of potatoes or Papas Arrugadas washed down with wine from the north of Tenerife to fully enjoy it. It is a rather easy recipe if it were not for the cleaning of the rabbit but you can ask it to be made by your butcher directly.


whole rabbit

8 cloves of garlic

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10 g. paprika

15 g. choricero chilli or a pimienta picona

500 ml. extra virgin olive oil

750 ml white wine

250 ml. Jerez vinegar

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fresh oregano second

fresh thyme with taste

coarse salt

2 dry bay leaves

Let’s start by putting in a mortar the peeled garlic cloves, the various species of chili, paprika and cumin. The white wine is added, the vinegar and salt are sufficient, the thyme and the laurel leaves, then the mixture is well mixed, the rabbit is brushed, cut into pieces, leaving everything well covered by the remaining mixture. at least 24 hours to macerate in a tightly closed refrigerator. Heat the oil in a deep pan and when it is hot put the rabbit and cook it first over medium heat and then louder for about 18 minutes. Once the meat is golden, it is transferred to a terracotta container, adding the remaining mixture and letting it simmer for about 40 minutes.


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