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Inherited from the Canary aborigines Guanches, the first inhabitants of Tenerife, gofio is rightly one of the pillars of the Canarian nutrition. It is a toasted cereal flour and ground to stone with added salt, a food of pre-Hispanic origin from which the Canary aborigines fed, equalized to the white flour but with darker and more yellowish coloring that depends in large part on its composition and its roasting. Over time, various types of gofio, barley, wheat and lentils have been developed.

Later, other new ingredients were added as rye. In times when poverty marked a good part of the population it was an excellent food thanks to its sustained caloric intake. On the ships of clandestine migrants who went from America to the Canary Islands, the main and indispensable supply was Gofio because it could be kept in good condition for a long time.




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