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The Guachinche emblematically represent the island of Tenerife. There are about a hundred really born from the culinary tradition of the island, almost all located in the north of the island and are frequented even by inhabitants of other islands that, for these places, have a real cult, in addition to being absolutely among the locals of the archipelago, often reached also by the inhabitants of the Spanish peninsula. Below we give you a small list so that you can know the peculiarities and environments of these rooms for us among the most particular ones.

They are characteristic places where the food served is none other than that of the island tradition. Particularly economical, even if some of them represent a piece of tinerfeña history and are presented with care in the environment and in the service. Wines served absolutely islanders if not specifically requested (but you will turn up their noses to those who serve you). Here is a good list of the most classic:


Guachinche Martes Trancao  

A La Matanza de Acentejo “So-called guachinche of lentejas fritas” Famous for its specialty of fried lentils, its stewed octopus and even to do it on purpose for its wine … (one of the very few guachince where you will find white wine afrutado)

 Guachinche El Ramal

In La Orotava enjoying a splendid view of the valley.

 Guachinche El Primero

In Santa Úrsula. If you like meat it’s your local !!!

 Guachinche Casa Yayi

In La Matanza de Acentejo. Within a competition with its good wine and huevos a la estampida (which we do not give you translation you have to come to know), its stews etc.

 Guachinche Nunca es Lejos

In Santa Úrsula. (and if the name also mentions Nothing is far away) even if it is difficult to reach, it is really worth it.

 Guachinche El Malpaís

In Santa Úrsula. Spectacular location on the Barranco and with sea viewA great variety of dishes as an offer!

 Guachinche El Cañon

In Santa Úrsula. Always very busy, if you have the patience to wait …

Guachinche El corral de Antonino

In Llano del Moro. Meat as a protagonist

Guachinche La Palmera

In El Sauzal.

Guachinche El Miradero

In Llanito Perera, (Icod de los Vinos). An offer of wines that alone is worth the trip.


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