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Miele tenerife




Tenerife honey is produced from a single floral species or derives from a mixture of endemic Canarian flowers, offering incomparable aromas and flavors. The tradition, more than five centuries old, has ensured that the product obtained has reached the maximum of aromatic pleasantness and that today represents an important reality among the Canarian excellences. Its importance and importance on the island is such that in the municipality of El Sauzal there is the Visitor Center of the Honey House where you can find and taste some of the best productions.

In the foreground the Tajinaste honey (local endemic flower) with its taste and its beige color reminiscent of the shades of the slopes of the Teide, the original place of this beautiful flower. Other very particular productions come from chestnut and avocado. Among the varieties from the mixture of flowers are usually divided into productions of the coast, half height and peaks, all productions absolutely unique and processed to produce a honey excellent quality and the Designation of Origin Controlled “Miel de Tenerife” is a brand that guarantees a product that has passed the strictest quality controls.


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