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Meat in Tenerife

Bistecca alla brace

Meat in Tenerife

Meat in Tenerife

Despite the great tinerfeña tradition of seafood based cuisine, the island offers many high quality meats. Although the most requested meat is pork or beef, generally cooked on the grill or in the form of stews served with potatoes, chickpeas, peas etc., rabbit and goat meat are among the most popular both by locals and tourists. Even the Negro pork, a purely local species, is much appreciated for its flavor. Many meat recipes refer to dishes that are very often accompanied by vegetables, potatoes and other typical local products. The best restaurants to enjoy these “typical” dishes can be found in the north and central part of the island, often open every day and which become the favorite meeting points for locals who enjoy traditional Canarian food at weekends. family and friends.

The favorite meats on these occasions are ribs with potatoes or rabbit “en salmorejo” a complex and varied mixture of ingredients, while the habitual household habits often aim at meats with potatoes or with chickpeas. The quality of the local meat is given by the intense care and feeding that is reserved to the animals, a diet that includes very select and delicious raw materials that also come in addition to bananas of local production too small to be exported. Not least element is the climate of the island that helps a lot the breeding.




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