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Pata Asada

Pata Asada

Pata Asada


Typical dish of the Canaries which consists of roasting the leg of the pig, also called Canarian ham. It is a food that is present in most of the islands’ bars and restaurants, such as tapas or sandwiches. Very common in the celebrations of the life of the Canaries. It is one of the most famous traditional dishes of the Canary Islands.


1 leg of pork without skin (about 5/6 Kg.)

2 cups of white wine

8 garlic cloves


Turn on the oven to 200 °, let’s practice with a knife the holes on the leg and insert the cloves of garlic, cover everything with big sale lean the leg on the hot tray and lower to 180 degrees, cooking time is about quart quart of an hour per Kg. of weight, turning the meat every hour and covering it with the sauce that is formed. After about three a to with a fork the degree of cooking until obtaining a crispy crouton.


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