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Sancocho Canario

Sancocho Canario

Sancocho Canario


It is the traditional Holy Week dish from Gran Canaria but available everywhere in the islands. It is a dish of fish, grouper, corvina or savory sea bass to be cooked with the ever-present potatoes, even the sweet ones, mojo and gofio.


1 kg of salted fish:

grouper, corvina or salted sea bass

4/5 kg of large potatoes

1 big batata (sweet potato)

extravirgin olive oil



Desalinate the fish by letting it soak in water for 24 hours and often changing the water, in a very large pot you put sweet potato and potatoes without being peeled but simply cut into thick pieces covering everything with water and letting it cook. When the potatoes and the sweet potato are cooked and almost ready, add the cleaned fish from the salt, which is also cut into pieces and continue cooking for no more than 15 minutes to ensure that the fish does not come apart. Once cooked, drain everything and serve without forgetting the mojo rojo and the gofio on the table.


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