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Vino a tenerife

Wines in Tenerife

Wines in Tenerife

Great value added to the island’s gastronomy is brought about by the presence of a large number of wine-growing crops. The oriented production, from the climate and the geological composition of the land that hosts it, collects its full-bodied and structured contents, proposing a really interesting variety of wines. White, red, rosé or malvasia produced by over a hundred Cantine complete the island’s gastronomic panorama in an excellent way. Exported to Tenerife at the turn of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries has maintained its traditional soul without disdaining the support of new techniques to improve collection and treatment.

The production is distributed in a large part of the island but the most valued is that of the Valle de la Orotava, Ycod, Tacoronte, Acentejo, Daute, Isora, Valle de Güímar and Abona regions; wines with nuances and particular flavors that worthily accompany the most delicate starter to the most substantial dish of the local cuisine.



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