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Small town with just over 7,500 inhabitants Arico is one of the last strongholds of classic, sleepy and indolent tourism in Tenerife, very suitable to offer ideal conditions to spend a holiday away from the masses of tourists that populate the south of the island.

The municipal territory of Arico on the south coast of Tenerife extends from the sea up to an altitude of 2,500 meters on the Montaña de la Griete. The municipality is divided into three main residential complexes, Villa de Arico, Lomo de Arico and Arico Nuevo in typical Canarian style, each with its “plaza“, the central meeting point, surrounded by numerous narrow and winding streets.

Particularly interesting from the tourist point of view are the aggregations of fincas, farmhouses and rustic houses, often used for accommodation of a tourist / receptive nature. Of course, in such a quiet and relaxing holiday in Tenerife it is a must to rent a car in order to reach places of social interest and / or shopping centers of “compulsive” shopping !!! In return you will enjoy an incomparable tranquility.

In the region that surrounds Arico, agriculture is intensively practiced and mainly fruit, vegetables and potatoes are grown there. Arico is also surrounded by one of the most extensive wine regions of the island, the now well-known “Cumbre de Abona”.

About 17 km east of Granadilla de Abona is the town of Villa de Arico, which has many hamlets. Among all stands Lomo / Villa de Arico, lying on the back of the nearby mountain and embellished by the small Baroque parish church of San Juan Bautista, which houses the statue of the Virgen del Carmen dating from the seventeenth century, from the adjacent church square and from the Dragon Tree. Two other fractions located on the TF-28 are Arico Viejo and Arico Nuevo; the latter is protected as a national monument.

From the combination of the different types of chosen tourism, countryside with the extraordinary landscape of mountains, caves and extensive woods or sea with rocky coasts often beaten by the wind, a wide range of feasible adventurous excursions is created.

In the surroundings numerous beautiful hiking trails allow you to immerse yourself in the typical pine forests and gorges with the most famous climbing routes in the Canaries (Mount Guajara and Montaña del Requillo) as well as diving with the great charm of pristine depths.

Hotels and apartments to report:

AlmendroLa MalvasiaFinca TropicalLa Casita de Campo

Businesses and professionals at the municipality of Arico

Found 3 Elenchi

Asolafis S.L.

Asesoria Arico .  Asolafis S.L., one of the best reviewed consultants in Tenerife under the Ayuntamiento de Arico.
Asolafis S.L., Arico Viejo, Spagna, Arico 38589

Buena Vista Abades

At Buena Vista in Abades, you can enjoy delicious Italian cuisine rich in tastes and colors worthy of one of the best cuisines in the world. The dishes prepared [...]
Buena Vista - comida y refresco, Calle 10 de Agosto, Abades, Spagna, Arico 38588

Delicias del Mar

Canary Restaurant Tajao. Delicias del Mar, one of the best reviewed Canarian restaurants in Tenerife under the Ayuntamiento de Arico.
Restaurante Delicias del Mar, Avenida Cabildo Insular, San Miguel de Tajao, Spagna, Arico 38588

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