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El Rosario

El Rosario

El Rosario

Noteworthy is the cultural aspect that El Rosario embodies, the presence of an important library, the care that the authorities place in the restructuring and in the maintenance of the real estate dedicated to all the degrees of educational institutions make it a center of educational interest of strong example for the whole Island.
The historical patrimony of the town is detectable through the public architectural structures, often traditionally linked to the peculiar activities of the territory such as agriculture, public works as well as the numerous spontaneous sites that can be found a little everywhere.

The local folk festival takes place on 7 October and is so attractive that it involves the inhabitants of a large part of the island.

Hotel and apartments to report in the city and nearby:

Finca La MajaderaTerrazza TabaibaAppartamento completo y economicoVilla Illari


Businesses and professionals in the municipality of El Rosario

Found 2 Elenchi

Las Rosas

Canary El Rosario Restaurant. Las Rosas, one of the best reviewed Canarian restaurants in Tenerife under the Ayuntamiento de El Rosario.
Restaurante Las Rosas, Carretera General las Cañadas, La Esperanza, Spagna, El Rosario 38109

Clinica BoccaBell

Dental clinic El Rosario . Clinica BoccaBell , one of the best reviewed dentists in Tenerife under the municipality of El Rosario.
Centro Comercial Radazul Bajo, 1º local 7, El Rosario 38109

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