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Garachico in Tenerife

Garachico in Tenerife

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Today we reach Garachico, a small fishing port almost completely destroyed in 1706 on the occasion of the volcanic eruption that reached the sea and whose lava, solidifying, gave shape to a small peninsula on which a large part of the town was rebuilt, then one of the most important ports of the island.

The enchanting and renowned Castillo de San Miguel (Castle of San Michele) survived this volcanic catastrophe and at its foot numerous loops and lava pools were created which today represent one of the major attractions of the place the so-called “natural pools of Garachico” in the area called El Caletón where you can swim in peace and quiet enjoying the benefits of regeneration created by ocean waters; this area of ​​pure lava perfectly combines the open sea inlets with the calm and very calm natural pools.

The descent from the mountain massif of Teno has been absolutely spectacular and enchanting and the seductive graces of the sea bring us back to the true soul of the island which, especially in this area, takes back the features of the ancient pure island splendor.

If you wish you can stroll through the cobbled streets that will reveal squares and examples of Canarian architecture and then go to the discovery of this delightful town that is far from the sparkling resorts of the coast and shows that Tenerife offers much more than sun and sea.

The main square, Plaza de la Libertad, offers two enchanting and decorated churches that were rebuilt after the volcanic eruption.

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The Iglesia de Santa Ana (Church of St. Anne) and the Iglesia de San Francisco (Church of St. Francis), which offers Mudéjar-style decorations, a mix of Islamic and Christian architecture.

In addition to other enchanting attractions that include the Convento de San Agustín (Convent of San Agostino), the Iglesia de San Marcos (Church of San Marco) and the Mariposario del Drago (a tropical garden full of butterflies).

As is natural, waiting a few kilometers outside the city for a small enchanting beach, Playa San Marcos will not disappoint ……

Businesses and professionals of the municipality of Garachico

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Clínica Dental Garachico

Garachico dental clinic. Clínica Dental Garachico, one of the best reviewed dentists in Tenerife under the Ayuntamiento of Garachico.
Clínica Dental Garachico, Travesía La Artesana Concha de Armas, Garachico, Spagna, Garachico 38450

Cañada de Garachico

Canary Restaurant in Garachico. Cañada de Garachico, one of the best reviewed Canarian restaurants in Tenerife under the Ayuntamiento de Garachico.
Cañada de Garachico Espacio Gastronomico, Avenida Tomé Cano, Garachico, Spagna, Garachico 38450
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