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We descend towards Santa Cruz and resume the TF1 southbound. We walk about 25/30 kilometers and here we are at Candelaria, place of worship for Catholics who venerate Mary, the Virgin Mary who appeared here in the shape of the statue of the Virgin found in 1392 In 1559 Pope Clement VIII declared the Madonna della Candelaria patron saint of the Canaries .

The Virgin of the Candelaria has been widely used in prayers, during epidemics, pestilences, drought and volcanic eruptions of the Teide and other volcanoes.

These last prayers were very similar to those of Naples at San Gennaro to stop the eruptions of Vesuvius, and those of Sant’Agata di Catania to stop the eruptions of the Etna volcano in Sicily.

The Madonna is represented by a statue with the color of dark skin, very similar to the Madonna found on the beach of Positano and there venerated and depicted in the same way. Bars and restaurants in iosa and the paseo Menceyes promenade not to be missed.

Buenos días amigos!!! Hoy vamos a ver Candelaria, espectacular plaza cerca al océano!!! Te gusta???😎😎😎#tenerifesurprise #tenerife #candelaria #canarias #islascanarias #canaryislands #isolecanarie #quesuerteviviraqui #canarie #canary #voglioviverecosi #plaza #ocean

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Pubblicato da Tenerife Surprise su Domenica 19 agosto 2018

Businesses and professionals in the municipality of Candelaria

Found 3 Elenchi

La Casona del Vino

Canary Candelaria Restaurant. La Casona del Vino, one of the best reviewed Canarian restaurants in Tenerife under the Ayuntamiento de Candelaria.
Restaurante La Casona del Vino, Ctra. General del Sur, Candelaria, Spagna, Candelaria 38530

Abora Clinica Dental

Clinica Dental Candelaria . Abora Clinica Dental, one of the best reviewed dentists in Tenerife under the Ayuntamiento de Candelaria.
Clinica Dental Abora, Calle Alcalde Juan Castellano Castellano, Candelaria, Spagna, Candelaria 38530

Don Pizza

Italian restaurant Candelaria. Don Pizza, one of the best reviewed Italian restaurants in Tenerife under the Ayuntamiento de Candelaria.
Don Pizza Candelaria, Avenida Maritima, Candelaria, Spagna, Candelaria 38530
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