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La Guancha

La Guancha

La Guancha

The municipality of La Guancha, located on the northern side of the island of Tenerife, sandwiched between the municipalities of San Juan de la Rambla, Icod de los Vinos and, to the south, the valley of La Orotava, extended from the slopes of El Teide to the coast .

The main inhabited nucleuses are represented by the urban center of La Guancha the coastal districts of Santa Catalina and Santo Domingo, counting the majority of the approximately 5,400 resident inhabitants.
The economic activity linked to the service sector is crucial for the “guancha” municipality, almost exclusively based on its proximity to tourist areas, including the very busy Puerto de la Cruz.

Agriculture, while maintaining a fair economic importance, is today complementary to other economies; however, small businesses and companies cooperate with the municipality’s successful economic framework.

The Guancha boasts shared urban and historical heritage of great value, however with the architectural and rural traces common to most of the municipalities in the north of the island, the Municipal Center, is a complex set of ancient and narrow cobbled streets, such as the El Sol, calle Juan Luis Reyes, calle Nueva, calle El Calvario and more recent roads to whose sides is the commercial area at the heart of the Municipality.

The Parish House of 1607 is another remarkable example of traditional architecture, as a whole highlights the very popular Casa de las Gomeras, embellished by a wonderful patio and balconies in classic Canarian style.

La Guancha has always been a city rich in craft traditions, pottery, wicker, traditional costumes, etc. and for many years the famous craft fairs took place on the spot, but they ended at the end of the 1980s; however the tradition continues with the Craft Center present in the municipality, whose purpose is to continue to transmit the local craft knowledge.

The northern coast of the municipality of La Guancha offers a place of surprising natural interest, the Charco del Viento, is a natural seaside area, with crystal clear waters and recommended for diving and underwater fishing.

This municipality also represents the production of the best wines produced with local vines.
We will have the opportunity to visit some of the most famous wineries of our islands whose wines have been around the world awarded with numerous awards: Viña Zanata, Viñátigo and Viñamonte.

The variety of red, white, Malvasia and rosé wines deserves to be accompanied by pescado della costa, sweet potatoes from Santa Catalina or simply a snack of cheeses and chochos (lupins), distinguishing itself, in its agriculture, by the beautiful potato, the banana, the peaches, the grapes, the papaya, the millet and, among others, the vegetables from the garden that can be purchased at the Mercado of the agricultor de la Guancha.


Hotel and apartments to report in the city and nearby:

Casa Las BrisasLa CuevaCasa CarmelaVilla Vera SuiteCasa Rural El Emigrante


Businesses and professionals in the municipality of La Guancha

Found 2 Elenchi

Asesoría Luis Y Rodríguez

La Guancha Consultants. Asesoría Luis Y Rodríguez, one of the best reviewed consultants in Tenerife under the Ayuntamiento de La Guancha.
Asesoría Luis Y Rodríguez, Calle Domingo Hernández González, La Guancha, Spagna, La Guancha 38440

Bodegón 7 Islas

Canary Restaurant in La Guancha. Bodegón 7 Islas, one of the best reviewed Canarian restaurants in Tenerife under the Ayuntamiento de La Guancha.
Bodegon 7 islas, Calle Longuera, La Guancha, Spagna, La Guancha 38441

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