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The Taxi in Tenerife

Il Taxi a Tenerife

The Taxi in Tenerife

Tenerife Island today has all the amenities one desires, from taking the means, to renting a car, riding a bike or, why not, enjoying the holiday to the full by using the taxis.

The Taxi in Tenerife is very used, even for short distances, because, in addition to not having the thought of having to find parking or pay the petrol, are easily found and don’t have an exaggerated cost (see Italy or England).

There are several Taxi companies, which are white, which work exactly as in any part of the world: use the taximeter for racing, otherwise they have fixed rates for example to go from the North to the South of the island and vice versa. If, however, you want to negotiate an excursion or wait for a few hours, you can talk directly with the taxi driver in advance.

The Taxi in Tenerife can use it all because many have the possibility of access even to people with reduced mobility, I would say a big step forward.

As happens everywhere, even here there are the so-called abusive taxi drivers, so called even if they use their own car without having the written taxi, but let us say that if you stop the police seeing two people sitting behind and no one in front, they will start to ask a thousand questions to understand if you are friends or if you are transporting is abusive and then shoot the fine (someone of our staff happened a few years ago) so always try to be right and get the Taxi in Tenerife authorized.

To help you with your search, we insert a couple of links, I have to be able to book your taxi safely or just to take a look at the current rates:



Taxi service:

Adeje: 922 714 462
Arona: 922 790 352
Arona, Guía de Isora y San Miguel de Abona (Servitaxitenesur): 922 747 511
La Laguna: 922 255 555
Güimar: 902 205 002 / 922 378 999
Puerto de la Cruz: 902 205 002 / 922 378 999
Puerto de la Cruz (San Telmo): 922 385 818
La Orotava: 922 378 999 /902 205 002
Los Realejos: 922 378 999 / 902 205 002
Granadilla: 922 397 475
Buenavista: 616804942 / 696568775 / 630639869
Vilaflor: 922 709 047 / 649487387

Candelaria: 922 503 880 / 608038113
Aeropuerto Tenerife Norte: 922 635 114
Aeropuerto Reina Sofía (Tenerife Sur): 922 392 119
Eurotaxis en Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 609 867 581; 607 612 816; o 629 132 269. 
Eurotaxis en La Laguna: 922 253 677; 922 255 555; 635 819 087; o 609 680 244
Eurotaxis en La Orotava: 646 369 214.
Eurotaxis en Santiago del Teide: 922 86 08 40




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