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Tenerife Surprise collects the list of natural parks in Tenerife, with information, photos, locations and videos. Tenerife enjoys beautiful animal and botanical parks! If you come on holiday in Tenerife you can not not include in your stops, one of the fabulous natural parks!

A botanical and zoological park with 75,000 square meters of real tropical jungle, yes, there is so much foliage that you will feel like you aren’t staying in Tenerife: this is Jungle Park. Just a few minutes from Los Cristianos, Jungle Park is famous for its variety of animals and......

LORO PARQUE TENERIFE The Loro Parque was created in 1970 by the Germans Wolfgang Kiessling and his father. On December 17, 1972, the park officially opened its doors to the public. At the beginning it had an area of ​​about 13,000 m² in which the natural habitat of the animals......

MONKEY PARK TENERIFE   Small park Natural Reserve dedicated to the world of monkeys, the primates similar and close to man; curious, funny and often characterized by irreverent and ironic attitudes towards their “visitors” who see themselves in their natural “performances”. It is the only Canarian Zoo specialized in monkeys......

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