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Marketing in Tenerife

Come dove e perche fare pubblicita a tenerife

Marketing in Tenerife

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Doing Marketing in Tenerife

Even if you have to invest time and money to create a good advertising campaign, Marketing in Tenerife like everywhere is essential if you want to do business successfully, but only if it is done effectively. It will bring more money than any other action taken by the company, because it will make your product or service more familiar to people, increase sales and promote brand loyalty.

There are some essential rules for making sensible advertising:

1. Know the public

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2. Choose the place

3. Set a budget

4. Establish which tools to use

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pubblicita a tenerife

How to do marketing in Tenerife

Let’s try to argue the points listed giving you some guidance on how to do Marketing in Tenerife in an appropriate manner:

1 Know the public

The only thing that really matters if you want to advertise effectively is to know the audience that the product is aimed at. It is essential to understand that if we are selling, for example, a beauty product for the face, it will be almost useless to point to an audience of men or children, so it becomes essential to find an instrument that allows us to identify the desired audience and to percentageize the investment towards that public with force.

2 Choose the place

As it is decided to whom you are addressing, it is equally very important to decide where to do marketing. Obviously we talk about Tenerife, but also in an island like this, the place decided could change a lot depending on the type of clientele you choose to want to reach. South and North are each characterized by different tourists and residents, so think well where.

3 Set a budget

It is obvious that your budget will play an important role in the quality and distribution of marketing in Tenerife. Very few companies (apart from the multinationals) have an unlimited budget to allocate to advertising campaigns, so it is important that you think about your advertising in a strategic way and plan everything carefully to make the most of the money invested. If you are reluctant to spend money on marketing, remember that advertising is essential for every successful business, you can also provide the best product or service in the world, but if nobody knows it you will never see a penny.

4 Establish which tools to use

Also in Tenerife, fortunately there are several channels among which you can choose to do marketing. Among the most known and historical traditional methods we can easily identify television, radio and newspapers. Among the innovative methods instead, we can start talking about digital, online marketing and therefore everything that has to do with the Internet world. Let’s say that the instrument, if we want, is also decided according to the available budget, even if, we would like to anticipate that not always the one who spends the most gets; we must know how to spend.

These are 4 primary concepts, which need to set up an advertising campaign that has an effect that can have an important return. Who tells you that you have to use only one advertising channel, in fact it is pulling water to its mill so to speak, because, in reality, the same budget you had in mind to spend, exactly as you do for investments, has many more possibilities to render effectively if differentiated. So the good mix of traditional and digital tools will significantly increase the chances of getting a good return!

pubblicita a tenerife

Why doing marketing in Tenerife?

We could draw up a very long list about why it is very useful to do marketing, but it is not our intent to bore you but to give you some indication of some mistakes that should not be made:

1. To think that you are already known

2. Stop doing marketing

3. Never change

Let’s try to explain why these are the main mistakes not to be made.

1 To think that you are already known

Often we happen to propose advertising formulas to already confirmed and known realities and unfortunately the answer “I do not need advertising because I already have my clients” is very little reasoned. Let’s try to do an example, hoping to help you understand why it is not so. Think if the same answer was heard from important names like AMAZON or BOOKING.COM, as soon as one of these giants thought he was already well known and stopped investing in advertising, it would be a fantastic opportunity for the competition to gain ground!

Here, perhaps now you are thinking that we are right, so if you think you have an already known and solid reality it will never be a good reason to refuse a good marketing and advertising service.

2 Stop doing marketing

One of the most common mistakes among entrepreneurs is to stop marketing, for example in difficult times. It would be like unplugging a sick person! Yes we know, it is not a beautiful example to do, but let’s try to make you understand why this example.

There are times when there are many expenses, customers decrease and sales and collections consequently fall, then here is the trap of “cut costs” and here is one of the first items that are removed from the list is that of the advertising. But why do you think it’s a cost to cut? Marketing is often misunderstood and associated with a cost rather than an investment. Stop investing in marketing has the same weight as deciding to stop investing in good raw materials or resources of qualified personnel. The more your service will fall in quality or reliability, the more you are feeding the road to bankruptcy.

Your customers will also perceive the same thing by the way and by how much you advertise your Business, so the advice is just “NEVER STOP!“. Review the budget, maybe change strategy or change method, but do not let the investment go to attract customers!

3 Never change

One of the most common mistakes is to prepare a graphic, a vocal spot or a billboard and make it grow old with your business thinking of “winning team does not change”! Here too we try to give you an example of why it is useful to change. Have you ever noticed which strategy adopts a big business like McDonald’s? Every month almost, they invent a new promotion, a new menu or a new advertisement and invest thousands and thousands of dollars to make these news known. Obviously a business of this magnitude will have a capital available to you unapproachable, but it is not important, everyone must invest in proportion to their BUDGET and innovate every little time not to bore their customers. So the advice is, dedicated one day every month maximum two, to think of a change to be offered to your customers to come back to you or to attract those who have not yet met you!

Come dove e perche fare pubblicita a tenerife

This very short article on an important topic like MARKETING, aims to invite you to reflect on how where and why you need to invest in marketing for your business, whatever it is!

If you think it might have been useful, maybe you’ll want to take advantage of our opportunity to advertise Tenerife ONLINE! Visit our page and discover our promotion!

Good business to everyone!


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