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Go shopping in Tenerife

Fare Shopping a Tenerife

Go shopping in Tenerife

It happens a few times to not have very sunny days and maybe you decide not to go to the beach or do not go hiking; so why not go shopping in Tenerife?

Oh yes, the island offers many advantages in terms of shopping, from large shopping centers such as Siam Mall, El Corte Inglés or Plaza del Duque, to the shops of small merchants selling all kinds of souvenirs to bring to friends and relatives like the costume jewelery created with local products or gastronomic shops for every type of palate.

For those who want to go shopping in Tenerife and immerse themselves in the island culture by buying something special like occasion furniture or something else for the house, we recommend the mercadillos or rastro, where you can buy second-hand items at very competitive prices. Among these we want to signal you:

Los Cristianos Market ( from 9 to 15 on Tuesday and Sunday where you can choose from fabrics, antiques and clothing).

Mercado Municipal de San Cristobal de la Laguna ( covered market open every day from 6.00 / 7.00 to 14.00 where there are fruits and vegetables, meat and pitch and clothing).

El rastro Guaza (from Friday to Sunday from 08.30 to 14.30 where to buy many kinds of objects both new and used).

Surely inside the shopping centers the choice is very wide, from perfumeries, to electronics stores, to jewelers and to clothing stores with international brands (Rolex, Emporio Armani, Elisabetta Franchi, Mac, Zara, Kiko etc ..) and often you choose to spend a day shopping right in a shopping center for the convenience of having parking, shopping in peace and stop in a bar or restaurant to make a small break.

Shopping in Tenerife has never been so easy, especially because, thanks to the tax breaks on the islands, you will have the possibility to save money … what you are waiting for !!!

Good shopping to everyone.



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