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Architect Tenerife

Architect Tenerife, Architect in Tenerife

Architect Tenerife

The Architect in Tenerife is a professional who works in the field of building and conservation of cultural heritage. His skills allow him to work on several fronts in the world of construction and urban planning. It mainly deals with the elaboration of projects of individual buildings for residential and non-residential use (houses, buildings, stations, stadiums, auditoriums, etc.). It can also deal with urban landscape planning and spatial planning. Special architect profiles in Tenerife, on the other hand, deal with the restoration of monuments and ancient buildings or the interior decoration of a building. For each of these areas, there are therefore different specializations that characterize the various profiles of architect in tenerife.

The architect Tenerife uses the most advanced technical drawing and design techniques, also with the support of innovative dedicated software. His work is a great responsibility, given the nature of the buildings he is called to design and / or restore. An architect in Tenerife must be well aware of the safety rules to be followed in his activities and must also be attentive to the choice of the right materials to choose for the construction of buildings. In the case of the architect who deals with restoration, it is important to respect the original conditions of the monument or building object of the restoration intervention.

An architect in Tenerife can work as an employee of a private construction company or be employed in a public institution (for example within the municipal organization chart). However, he can also practice his profession by opening a private practice and a VAT number.

What is the training path for becoming an architect?

To become an architect it is necessary to obtain a degree in the class of subjects of Architecture and Building Engineering. It would be good to enter the Degree Course after a higher education in technical or scientific subjects.

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