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Amarilla Golf

We forward for the few meters those who separate us from Amarilla Golf and, surprised by the surprises, we find ourselves in front of a very special show; a golf course that has crept in between houses, restaurants, club houses and bars, between mini residences and up to the sea, or at least up to the marvelous marina that shows off, with the thousands of anchored boats.

Even here in Amarilla Golf the “national” language is English that reigns supreme even in pharmacies, so if you have a headache “in Italian or in Spanish” equip yourself with an English dictionary or risk to keep it.

Here life flows quietly between an “iron” and a “wood”, between a beer and a scotch and a few chats
sitting at the pool bar supplied with many of the local residences.

It must be remembered that the golf courses from Golf del Sur to Amarilla Golf often compete for world-
class tournaments.

Do not miss the beautiful promenade that leads from the port to Los Abrigos and on Friday morning crosses a small characteristic mercadillo distinguished by large yellow marquees!

Amarilla Golf & Country Club has a wonderful view of the Cordillera del Teide and the exclusive Marina San Miguel. His path is a challenge both for the expert player and for those with a high handicap with its narrow streets, which invite to the game of precision.

Which is the best part? Undoubtedly the hole 5 par 3 a design jewel with the sea as the road, which forces
the ball to fly over the ocean to reach the green. Unforgettable.

At least one visit to this wonderful place during your stay on the island is worthwhile.


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