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Callao Salvaje

Callao Salvaje and Playa Paraiso intersect their urbanization in an indistinguishable and indivisible progression that reunites the two localities.

Not for this the skyscrapers (personally bad taste) of Callao Salvaje don’t have their own personality and their own recognizability but the rest is well distributed, with taste, with the small local centers in the right place and the residences that are looming towards the raw and rocky coastal part but with undeniably oceanic charm.

Multiple points of local interest with the inevitable presence of bars, pubs, restaurants and everything that can aggregate and satisfy the ever-growing number of tourist presences varied in habits, languages ​​and cuisine.

To underline the care taken in the maintenance of roads, flowerbeds and gardens both by the municipalities and by private individuals who have “signed” a scene very valuable and of great effect.

A special notation goes to Sueno Azul,  a beach club overlooking the sea, often the scene of private events and a good point of reference for a day in the sun, a pizza (or other) and a good happy hour in a unique location!

The beautiful resort of Callao Salvaje is located about 6 km above Playa de las Americas, and offers mainly high-class accommodation, the ideal alternative to 4 or 5-star hotels. Its sandy beach is small, but very beautiful.

The possibilities to make purchases are excellent, as well as restaurants and given the small size of the location everything is easily reached on foot. There are also souvenir shops, boutiques, newsagents, banks, pharmacies and much more. Those who find Callao Salvaje too quiet can reach the lively Las Americas in 10 minutes by car or by a comfortable and not too expensive taxi.



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