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La Caleta in Tenerife

La Caleta in Tenerife

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La Caleta is a festival of colors and flavors! A former fishing village, it has been wonderfully recycled as one of the trendiest and best-visited locations in the Adeje area.

Its beauty, its calm and its position invite to long walks by the sea where a large pedestrian crossing between fine restaurants and underlying volcanic rocks, often swept by the waves, lead throughout the coast of the town.

No less fascinating is the walk inside the residential area where they show off themselves elegant villas and colorful houses renovated on the basis of previous dated buildings, with truly valuable effects and taste.

But the walks through the streets of La Caleta that fill the eyes with natural and architectural shows, do not leave with the dry mouth, indeed the scents of the kitchens of the precious local restaurants, of which a large number of stars, give a mouth watering that pushes to try also the joys of the table in addition to those of sight; but to make you better understand what we mean we “allow” to publish some dishes tasted on site.

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What is the weather like?

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