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Las Galletas in Tenerife

Las Galletas in Tenerife

Las Galletas, a small fishing village, is located south of the island of Tenerife within the municipality of Arona.

Located about fifteen kilometers from the tourist center of Los Cristianos, Las Galletas and Costa del Silencio contend the great summer tourism, without giving up the winter presences that from year to year are found and renewed on their beaches.

The village is very colorful and you will find everything you need, from shops, supermarkets, bars and restaurants where you can eat with friends.

The port of Las Galletas is a point of interest for lovers of the sea and owners of pleasure boats, there are also good hiking services as well as a range of proposals for various rentals, from quad bikes to scooters and scooters as well as starting point numerous sea excursions on the dolphin and whale route.

You will see the fishermen at work near the pier and buy fresh fish at the Lonja de Pescado.

The accommodation facilities are numerous and of good quality, many of the homes that are part of the residences are being restructured due to the ever increasing demand of the local real estate market.

Equipped with a community pool and lush gardens, they are making the area very attractive for long and short-term holiday tourism.

Las Galletas also has a small beach with a mix of black sand and pebbles right on the harbor, where you can meet families, both residents and non, sunbathe, play or just watch the fishing basques come back full of fresh fish.

You can rent sunbeds and umbrellas, also equipped with showers and rescue teams; accessible by bus or car, there is parking. You will have the nautical club at a step, if someone wants to try, and the area dedicated to diving. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have access for disabled people.

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Publicada por Tenerife Surprise en Sábado, 23 de junio de 2018


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