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Palm Mar

Today we resume our journey going up the west coast to the north; here we are in Palm Mar, which we have praised a few posts ago its residential vocation at all costs.

Because of its tranquility, its large streets lined with palm trees and manicured gardens, it guarantees an almost unique quality of life.

Tranquility and serenity, together with the silence that surround it, make this green oasis an urban area in which life flows with the classic Canarian calm.

Despite these prerogatives Palm Mar guarantees however, with the presence of a well-stocked super market open until 22 at night, first-rate services that together with a series of bars, gastrobar, pubs, restaurants and pretty restaurants keep alive the social life local.

So tranquility and beauty, beautiful residences and princely villas by the sea, make Palm Mar a “pearl” of the south of Tenerife even if the same does not like being stamped as a residential reference point and just enough to accommodate, in a gentle and soft , one of the few wonderful chiringuito on the beach where you sip, at sunset the classic mojito especial.

Palm Mar is a small tourist resort on the southern tip of Tenerifa and is only a few kilometers from the main tourist centers of Los Cristianos and Playa de Las Americas. Those who want a tourist position that is both peaceful and quiet will find themselves at ease here. There are also numerous bars and restaurants on site, as well as supermarkets and other shopping opportunities.



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