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Puerto Colon Club Nautico

Puerto Colon

Puerto Colon, set in the territory of Costa Adeje, is the largest center of nautical pleasure in the south coast. His many initiatives and services related to the sea and all that concerns it are concentrated in this wide gulf occupied by the Puerto Colon Nautical Club.

A mirror of the sea where dozens of companies of nautical excursions, charter and rent of boats and jet skis, catamarans and everything else can float or plunge into the ocean.

The traffic to and from Puerto Colon suggests that there is no tourist who misses the opportunity to go off to see dolphins and whales, see through the transparent bottom of the boat the beautiful seabeds but not feasible, alone, by inexperienced people or who does not want to have fun in an “out of wave” on jet skis that is looked after by an observer in tow.

A frightfully compact corollary of bars, restaurants, gadget shops and maritime agencies encloses the Puerto area that barely contains columns of buses and rivers of people in continuous and perpetual movement in search of a “sea-wolf” day. .

It is located between the end of Las Americas and the beginning of Fañabe, so in a good strategic point to make the most of the walk that connects them.

There is also a beach, where we will talk more about the beaches in Tenerife, called Playa de la Pinta, with golden sand and ideal for spending a family day.

At sunset you can choose the place to have an aperitif overlooking the sea, then a nice dinner with a background music, here almost all the locals have live music.



Have you ever been in Ayuntamiento de Adeje Puerto Colon !😎😎

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Publicada por Tenerife Surprise en Viernes, 21 de junio de 2019



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